Book Editing

     Are you writing a novel and can't find anyone reliable or experienced enough to edit it?  I can.  I have written and edited thousands of pages of material, studied the work of some of the best fantasy authors in the business, and have an intensive knowledge of the English language.  My skill is not limited to paragraphs either.  I also edit graphic novels, script or drawn.  What is the difference?  With a book, I do not have to worry about how pictures fit together, camera angles, and composition.  Same world, different method

     I specialize in fantasy, sci-fi, and western novels, and all genres of graphic novels, from kid books to vampires.  However, I will not accept a profane or sexually explicit book.

     For novels, expect one to two weeks per 80,000 words.  For graphic novels, expect one to two weeks per 25 pages.  Time is subject to type of editing.

 Editing Prices

All pricing determined by the word.


    Developmental - 4-6 cents
    Substantive - 3 cents

    Copy (proofing) - 2 cents

Graphic (Script):
    Developmental - 5-7 cents
    Substantive - 4 cents
    Copy (proofing) - 2 cents

Graphic (Drawn):
    Developmental - 8-10 cents
    Substantive - 6 cents
    Copy (proofing) - 4 cents

Types of Editing

Developmental:  The editor acts as a writing coach, taking a rough manuscript and making suggestions about content, plot, characterization, grammar, and organization, along with suggestions for research.  This editor is almost a co-author.

Substantive:  This editor takes copyediting farther, adding suggestions on structure, content, flow, and formatting.  Reorganizing entire paragraphs or scenes for clarity and readability, as well as rewriting awkward areas, may be necessary.  On a rough manuscript, a heavy edit is almost the same as rewriting the material.

Copy (proofing):  This editor is limited to errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling.  However, the manuscript should not be littered with grammatical mistakes, as the writer is expected to know basic English.  Pathological errors may call for substantive editing.

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