Commission Me

All commissions are digitally created in Adobe Photoshop CS2.

I accept payment via Paypal in USD.  I do not accept money order, check, or cash.



-Contact and description via email

-Acceptance of the commission

-Back and forth tweaks of rough outline between me and the patron

-Payment received via Paypal, Artist Contract sent to patron via email

-Inking and flat colors completed, watermarked .jpg sent to patron for approval

-Any changes done

-Piece is completed, watermarked .jpg sent to patron for final approval

-High resolution, non-watermarked .jpg sent to patron when I receive the Artist Contract through the postal service

     I do landscapes, portraits, animals, and concept work.  I love to do medieval weaponry and period costumes, including costume from other nations and cultures.  Blood and gore prove no obstacle.

     I will not draw yaoi, yuri, hentai/porn, nudes, or anything overtly sexual.  PLEASE do not ask me to draw mecha or mechanical machines.  There are plenty of people out there who are much better at it then me.  Also, I won't draw somebody doing something illegal or profane in nature.

     I am perfectly comfortable with manga/anime, though I've never been able to get the hang of chibis.  Anthro/furry styles are fine and rather amusing.  As long as you don't ask for something too abstract, I'll be pleased to accommodate you whatever the style.

     As an artist, I reserve the right to reproduce your commission on this art site for the sake of my portfolio, online or otherwise.  However, the commission will not be sold for profit to any other party.  If your commission is a gift to someone, please let me know so I won't post it on this site before the person receives it.

     At this time, until I find a reputable printing store, prints of your commission are unavailable.


Sketch - $15

Inked Sketch - $30


     Cell-shaded - $30*

     Painterly - $50*

Extra characters:

     Bust - $20*

     Full body - $40*

Normal background - $10

Detailed Background - $50*

Landscapes - $100*


Cell-shaded inked drawing of one person with normal background - $70

Painterly inked drawing of two busts with detailed background - $150


*Subject to price difference depending on size, complexity, and color type.

Expect two to six weeks depending on the size and complexity of the Piece. 

The Artist Contract:

What is this Contract?  It it a five-six page document detailing the relationship between me, the Artist, and you, the Commissioner.  It is written in legal language with the intent to be able to stand in court.  It becomes legally binding upon both signing.

The Contract is for our mutual protection against immoral people who would steal a Piece and use it for their own gain.  If something happens, we both have governmental protection.

Copyright is relative to the satisfaction and needs of both parties.

The Contract is sent to the Commissioner as a .PDF, which is printed out, signed, and sent to me through the appropriate postal service.  I sign it and send you a copy through the mail.

Anyway, please don't be off put by the Contract.  I assume the rest of you are just as suspicious as I am.  This assures you that you will be treated in an honest, business like manner.

*See a mock contract here

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