Lavanya Anindar

This is a portrait of my character Lavanya Anindar, a former Ajupasi of House Calaram'umi. She is from Kailash, a country I vaguely modeled after India, thus the lantern, embroidered pillows, and general decor. An Ajupasi is a high class prostitute, usually one of the top three in an establishment. House Calaram'umi was famous for its tattooed courtesans and would raze any place trying to imitate them. Lavanya's father sold her to the House when she was a child and she started "working" when she was fourteen, after spending two years on the tattoo. As an Ajupasi, she could chose who she serviced. She carried the nickname of "Gold Orchid" at sixteen. At nineteen, she escaped and fled the country.

Completed: September 10, 2011

Medium: Photoshop CS2, Wacom tablet

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