Snow Leopard - Sando

I decided to try my hand at a realistic animal portrait. I have a ton of paper lying around and felt the need to make use of my copious drawing pens and charcoal. So I surfed Google Images for a piece to replicate and came across this. Snow leopards are so cute. <3 I sketched the basic form and rendered out the eyes to completion, because I want my creatures to have souls while I'm doing everything else. My brother walked in and said, "That leopard looks calm. Yours looks pissed." I laughed. My cat, Sando, seems to have possessed the portrait, because this is the exact expression of condescension she carries on a regular basis. My mother said the same thing. So, it would be accurate to say this piece is my rude cat drawn as a snow leopard. XD

Completed: September 1, 2011

Materials: Canson Sketch 65lb paper, graphite and charcoal pencils, leveled in Photoshop CS2

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