Winter in Kaisar

This is a picture of one of my two protagonists, Takashi Shai'akemi Sato. Originally, this was not the case. There was a thing going on over at DeviantArt where someone provided a prologue and the community would each three or four days hold a contest to provide the next chapter, culminating in eight chapters and nine covers to grace them. Well, the prologue had a woman, (other description not included,) standing in front of a gate. So, I started drawing a "wild" woman. I soon lost all care for the character, kept adding fur, and eventually Takashi took over like she so often does. Now she's standing mysteriously with her sword pointed at the poor fellow riding across the Oenotrian foothills.

Yeah. That. This may or may not become canon in my story. I can see this happening.

Materials: graphite and charcoal on sketch paper, Photoshop CS2

Date: December 10, 2011

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